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Stuart has written two ‘Leavers Plays’  with the help of Year 6 pupils at Eastergate CE Primary School:


‘Wise Up!’

evolved from writing work about fears and expectations on moving up to Secondary School.

What is more important: being ‘cool’ or loyalty to your mates?  These themes are explored through inter-locking stories set during our heroes first days at Vile High, using comedy, drama and dance. Wally Wallington isn’t cool but he is loyal to new friend Danny who is being bullied.  When Wally gets framed for theft, will his loyalty pay off or will he end up scapegoat instead of hero?  Meanwhile, can ballet-boy Billy and street-dance mad El-lo overcome peer and parental pressures, come together and defeat the Cool Gang in ‘Have Children Got Talent?’  (Running time:  55 minutes)

‘Confusing Times’

evolved through writing work on dreams and ambitions and enthusiasm for time-travel.

On the day of the Leavers Performance, evil alien DJ Dissy Discord arrives to feed off inter-child conflict.   Confusion reigns as members of the cast spin off on a musical adventure through time.    Soccer-mad Frankie meets Bobby Moore and gets the chance to play for England in the 1966 World Cup, but actions in the past mean the school may never get built and friends may never meet...   Meanwhile, star-struck Cherry confronts a future self and worries about giving up on dreams of being a singer.  As the curtain is about to go up, the only thing that can save the school and the show is the enduring power of friendship across the time-space continuum.   (Running time:  55 minutes)

‘Wise Up!’ and ‘Confusing Times’ were performed to high acclaim from parents, pupils, teachers and governors at Eastergate School.

Both plays are available for licensed performance in Primary Schools.  The £75 licence fee includes text and CD vocal guide and backing track.  Stuart is also available (on a day-rate basis) to talk to pupils about the writing of the plays, to develop writing work around the themes and to help you up-date and customise your performance.

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